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About Noa

Noa is a certified Aruna Yoga teacher (RYT) recognized by the Yoga Alliance and is also a mother, wife, and daughter.

Originally from the United States, Noa now lives in Israel, where she learned under Nicki Forman, founder of Aruna Yoga; an embodied form of yoga that incorporates various yoga lineages, such as Hatha, Kundalini, and Vinyasa while bringing emotional healing, and yogic philosophy into its practice. She also learned Applied Polyvgagal Theory in Therapeutic Yoga, under Dr. Arielle Schwartz, yoga teacher, clinical psychologist and well-renowned trauma specialist.

After having endured many years of chronic pain and other medical conditions, Noa has found solace and healing through yoga, somatic movements, neuroplasticity, and by cultivating conscious awareness. In her awakening, she was able to deepen her practice and heal on a deeper level by combining trauma work within her yoga practice using somatic yoga movements and vagus nerve stimulation.

Noa has been teaching yoga since 2020 and today is passionate about helping others with their transformation from chronic illnesses such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, arthritis, and anxiety as well as others. By applying polyvagal theory in yoga practice, through resilience-informed exercises, she helps others regulate their nervous systems and build resilience to everyday stressors. Noa also uses somatic movements to allow sensations and emotions to rise and release.

She believes that the journey of trauma recovery is an awakening of the Self and an invitation to find freedom from old patterns of the past.

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