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Private & Group Yoga Classes

Flow, Regulate & Heal


Personalized Yoga Sessions

Learn how to regulate the functioning of your vagus nerve with techniques such as altering the rhythm of your breath, practicing mindful body awareness, and exploring physical yoga postures to create greater choice about your level of arousal or activation.



Finding a Practice Designed for Your Needs.

One-on-one sessions are available to attune to your time and space. You'll have the ability to focus on your personal healing.  Whether you're looking to heal from anxiety, physical pain or simply to quite the mind, private yoga classes offer you an opportunity to dive deeper into practice.

Image by Chelsea Gates
Child Pose
Yoga Pose

Group Classes

If you would like a boutique practice for friends and/or family in the comfort of your own home, contact me to book a session. 

 Group classes are approximately 1-hour long.

New: Group rates are available!

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