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Increase Your Resilience

Resilience-Informed Wellness

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Finding Freedom through Self-Regulation

If you want to improve the world, start by making people feel safer."

-Stephen Porges, PhD

About Noa

Noa is a certified Aruna Yoga teacher and a mother, wife and writer. She has been teaching yoga since 2020 and today is passionate about helping others with their transformation from chronic illnesses such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, arthritis, and anxiety as well as others. By applying polyvagal theory in yoga practice, through resilience-informed exercises, Noa uses self-regulation techniques in yoga to build resilience to everyday stressors. She also uses somatic movements to allow sensations and emotions to rise and release.

Vagus Nerve Yoga

A vagus nerve yoga practice aims for flexibility - not just of the physical body, but of the nervous system. Research has shown tremendous benefits of yoga for increased vagal tone, stress reduction, and trauma recovery. This will help you switch between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system states with greater ease and choice.

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Regulate & Restore

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Retrain & Transform

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Somatic Release through Yoga


Programs for Transformation & Healing

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Rewire your Brain

Retrain your Brain for Healing & Transformation

A custom-made program designed to help those with anxiety, gut issues, insomnia, and other chronic conditions.

Coming Soon!
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Nervous System Regulation

Regulation & Restore

Personalized sessions designed to regulate the nervous and restore a state of calm and safety in the body and mind

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Vagus Nerve Yoga

Private & Group Yoga Classes

Yoga classes designed to increase the felt sense, safety and regulate your nervous through vagus nerve stimulation and embodiment practices

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